Bisbee Hikes

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Town Trail

2.5 Mile Loop | 24 Flights
Moderately Strenuous Hike

This trail takes you high above Bisbee, affording breathtaking views of the town, the B, and the Lavendar Pit. Hike home along Tombstone Canyon where you can stop for a much deserved bite to eat or a refreshing beverage.


2.5 Mile Loop | Moderate Hike

This trail loops around Bisbee from a and offers amazing views

Buddha Shrine

.75 Mile Loop | 10 Flights
Moderate Walk

This short walk takes you up the hill behind the Eldorado to a cave that is rumored to have been used as a bootlegger’s distillery during prohibition, now a community shrine full of tributes, treasures, and offerings.

Castle Rock

1.5 Mile Loop | Easy Walk

This neighborhood walk takes you through the windy streets and passages of Bisbee, up the hill, to the lookout atop Castle Rock.